How Can You Fix Holes and Cracks in Your Drywall?

How Can You Fix Holes and Cracks in Your Drywall?

Reach out to So Cal for drywall repair in El Cajon, CA

To make sure your drywall is repaired correctly, call on the services of So Cal Drywall. Owner Jason Crook does drywall patching and repair in the El Cajon, CA area. He brings 15 years of experience to every job and can use that experience to provide you with long-lasting repairs.

For small repair jobs, Jason will fill cracks with a compound and sand the area lightly after the compound dries. He'll use a professional patch kit to fix holes wider than six inches. Get in touch with So Cal Drywall right away for drywall that looks as good as new.
Call (619)-760-7556.

Save your DIY talents for another project

Did you put a hole in your drywall while hammering in a picture hanger? Has a crack in your drywall slowly gotten bigger? So Cal Drywall can handle all kinds of drywall repairs at homes in the El Cajon, CA area. Jason's expertise can determine:

  • The extent of the damage
  • The number of drywall compound layers needed to make the fix
  • Which tools to use for each repair

You'll appreciate the money you save by just repairing your drywall instead of replacing an entire section. Hire So Cal Drywall today to get started. Call (619)-760-7556.